Ty Michael

Fiction writer, daydreamer, and insomniac.

Horror, new books, scary books, horror author, suspense author.

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Vintage Decorative Line Art

​ Jessica Meyer hides an abusive history that she thinks about often. Those thoughts fuel a deep insecurity that her husband, Greg, doesn’t quite understand.

With the optimism of a fresh start, the Meyers take a leap of faith and a rented U-Haul truck halfway across the country from San Diego to Frisco, Texas. Inside, the Meyers bring with them all of their belongings along with a burden, the burden of infertility. After settling into their new home, they explore other options to expand their family and decide to take in a foster child. But this boy, nine-year-old Jeremy, possesses dark and unexplainable abilities.

As her idyllic life begins to crumble around her, Jessica’s lifetime of worries and insecurities begin to serve as warnings to her own possible fate.


"I began reading JEREMY this morning and could not put it down. Had to discover the ending. Enjoyed how descriptive the author is. I could see and feel details of houses, faces, emotions."


"Thriller, suspense, oh my. Right from the start, Jeremy pulls you in and keeps you guessing. Once you start, you won’t want to stop."

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Caleb and Kristi have finally built the life of their dreams in rural East Texas. They have a cozy home in the country, a new baby, and good money coming in from Caleb's trucking business hauling crushed cars.

Together, Caleb and Kristi make the decision to buy a rental property. Thinking of their future, they are hopeful that the investment will add another change in their lives.

It does.​​

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Kaitlyn F. Layne has a normal life waiting for her in North Carolina. She has a loving husband, two adorable girls, and a dream job at McGillis and Associates Law Firm.

But that life is becoming a distant memory.

Kaitlyn has been left for dead on a mountain road near Aspen, Colorado. She is quickly forced to become someone else. Someone she was born to be. Someone exactly like her parents.

She thought of the happy memories as she tucked the nine-millimeter into her backpack and made her exit.​

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What happens when your smart device listens to everything?

Detectives Leilah Reed and Preston Bergin work quickly to solve two murders that aren’t so cut and dry. What they uncover sets their team up for success. But how soon will it be before this information and new technology falls into the wrong hands?

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is meant to protect its citizens from unlawful searches. Police aren’t allowed to search you or your home without a warrant or probable cause. But what happens when something slips between the cracks?

It’s not money the city of Kennecott, Ohio is wanting from its citizens … it’s their information.​

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This children's book is written under pen name T. G. Michael.


Blurb from back of book:

Alex is new to the mountains. He just moved to the small town in Colorado with his mother. The town is great and the mountains are amazing. But, the mountains hold a secret. A secret that will help Alex uncover a magic that he never knew existed ... a magic in himself.


More details for you parents:

After moving to Ouray, Colorado, Alex discovers a secret cavern and the ancient dwarves who live there. With some help from one of the dwarves, Orsik, Alex comes to understand that he possesses a magical ability. A magical ability that will be of help when it is most needed.